It's Wise to Immunize

Getting immunized helps stop the spread of disease. Vaccine-preventable diseases can strike anyone and cause illness that can lead to hospitalization and even death. Visit our interactive page to learn more about how to prevent the spread of disease with the help of immunizations.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) support the full range of immunizations for your child and so does MemorialCare. We know how much you as a parent want to protect your child. Immunizations can protect against 16 serious diseases, some deadly.”

The Physicians of MemorialCare firmly believe:

Most of all, we believe that vaccinating children and young adults may be the single most important health-promoting form of intervention we can perform as parents/caregivers.

Herd Immunity – What is it?

Vaccinating your child protects not only him/her, but all children in your community. Babies under a certain age and children who are not able to be vaccinated for medical reasons, have to rely on their families, schoolmates, and playmates to be immunized to help protect them against preventable diseases.

When the number of vaccinated people in the population drops below a certain critical threshold, it allows disease to spread. When everyone who can be, is vaccinated, the most vulnerable are protected, like a herd surrounding and protecting their youngest members.

Herd Immunity

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