About the Boeing Preferred Partnership Option

What is Boeing’s Preferred Partnership option?

What is Boeing’s Preferred Partnership option?

Preferred Partnership is a best value version of two of Boeing’s medical plans–the Advantage+ health plan, and the Traditional Medical Plan–for which MemorialCare Health Alliance will be the exclusive network. This arrangement is aimed at providing employees with more personal support, more coordinated care and an enhanced level of service–all at a more affordable cost.

Who is eligible for Preferred Partnership?

The Preferred Partnership option is available in Orange County, south Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley to nonunion employees and their covered dependents. In addition, it’s available to the following union-represented employees and their covered dependents:

  • Cabinet Makers, Millmen, and Industrial Carpenters, Local 721
  • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Local 725
  • International Union of Operating Engineers (Welders), Local 501W
  • International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, Local 887
  • Security, Police and Fire Professionals of America, Local 159
  • Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace 

Retirees and dependents from the above groups (and a small number of others) are also eligible if not covered by Medicare. Those covered by Medicare are not eligible for the Preferred Partnership options.

How does the Preferred Partnership option work?

The Preferred Partnership option has a broad provider network of primary care physicians, specialists, urgent care facilities and hospitals located throughout the Orange County, south Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley area. Generally, to receive in-network benefits, you and your family need to use MemorialCare Health Alliance providers and facilities.

Emergency care is covered at the in-network level, even if the hospital is not in the MemorialCare Health Alliance, whether you’re in the southern Los Angeles County/Orange County area, or traveling outside the area.

In rare situations in which highly specialized services are not available within the MemorialCare Health Alliance–e.g. certain transplants–a process is in place to ensure that services are available from an appropriate non-network provider, and paid at the in-network rate.

If you receive non-emergency medical services from providers not in MemorialCare Health Alliance when those services are available from our providers, those services would be covered at the non-network level in the Traditional Medical Plan and the Advantage+ health plan. 

What are the advantages of choosing the Preferred Partnership option?

  • Lower paycheck contributions for the Traditional Medical Plan for employees.
  • Increased company contributions to the Health Savings Account for eligible employees participating in the Advantage+ health plan.
  • No cost for seeing network PCPs (Advantage+ health plan participants must first satisfy the annual deductible).
  • No cost for generic drugs (Advantage+ health plan participants must first satisfy the annual deductible when applicable).
  • Quicker access to network primary care providers (PCPs) and specialists, and more after-hours care availability.
  • More personalized and coordinated care, especially for individuals with complex medical situations such as diabetes or a heart condition.
  • Greater use of electronic messaging with providers, and expanded opportunity to use electronic medical records.

If I choose the Preferred Partnership option, will I need to choose a primary care provider (PCP)?

Experts agree on the importance of selecting a primary care provider (PCP)–someone who knows your medical history, ensures better coordination of care and works with you to manage your health. You can choose (or change) your PCP at any time during the year. If you don’t choose a PCP during annual enrollment, your plan may provide an interim PCP based on where you live.

PCPs include the following types of providers:

  • General or family practice providers
  • Internal medicine providers
  • Osteopaths
  • Naturopaths
  • Pediatricians
  • Obstetricians/gynecologists
  • Advanced registered nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants

Will I need a referral to see a specialist?

No. You won't need a referral to see a specialist. However, to receive network benefits, the specialist must be in the MemorialCare Health Alliance network.

If I travel outside the Orange County, south Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley area, will I be covered?

You’re covered for urgent and emergency care outside the Orange County, south Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley area. Emergency care is covered at any hospital, and urgent care is covered outside of the southern Los Angeles County/Orange County area at any urgent care facility that’s part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network.

How will the Preferred Partnership option work if I have a child who lives outside of the Orange County, south Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley area?

To receive the plan's network level of benefits, your covered child will be required to receive care from providers in the MemorialCare Health Alliance, except for emergency care. If your covered child lives outside the southern Los Angeles County/Orange County area, consider if he or she is in the southern Los Angeles County/Orange County area frequently enough to access routine or follow-up care—for example, physical therapy after an injury—from a provider in the MemorialCare Health Alliance network. The Preferred Partnership option may not be the right choice for your family if your covered child does not live in the southern Los Angeles County/Orange County area and if he or she has ongoing or frequent medical needs.

What about other services offered through Boeing’s Well Being programs? If I choose the Preferred Partnership option will I still have access to those programs?

Yes, you will still have access to Boeing’s Well Being programs. There is no change to:

How can I learn more about my benefitsfor example, the amount of the deductible, or how the plans pay for specific services? 

If you need additional information on how your health plan pays, please call Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois at 1-888-802-8776. If you need additional information on the Annual Enrollment process, or issues like dependent eligibility, call Worklife at 1-866-473-2016. 

About MemorialCare Health Alliance


Why should I choose the MemorialCare Health Alliance?

By choosing the MemorialCare Health Alliance, you and your family will have access to the care you need, when you need it. Our broad network of primary care physicians, specialists and care teams, hospitals, community-based urgent care centers and other specialty health services are all conveniently located near to where you live and work. And our patient-centered approach to healthcare means that alongside high quality medical care, you’ll receive an enhanced level of service with greater personal support and coordinated care—all at a more affordable cost.

Which providers are in the MemorialCare Health Alliance?

4 Network Partners:

  • MemorialCare–its four hospitals shown below, plus the MemorialCare Medical Group, and most of the physicians of Greater Newport Physicians and Edinger Medical Group
  • Torrance Memorial, a Cedars-Sinai Affiliate–its hospital, and the physicians of Torrance Memorial Integrated Physicians
  • PIH Health–its two hospitals, and the physicians of PIH Health Medical Group
  • Monarch HealthCare–a portion of the Monarch HealthCare Medical Group

In addition to the network partners shown above, and the related services that they offer–urgent care, imaging centers, surgical centers, and physical therapy and rehabilitation centers–the MemorialCare Health Alliance will include access to over 1,800 additional independent specialist physicians, a number of independent urgent care and dialysis centers, and the Quest Diagnostics lab network.

7 Hospitals:

MemorialCare Long Beach Medical Center
MemorialCare Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach
MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center
MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center
Torrance Memorial Medical Center
PIH Health Whittier Hospital
PIH Health Downey Hospital

2,200+ Physicians:

400+ Primary Care Physicians
1,800+ Specialists
285+ Ancillary Providers (acupuncturists, audiologists, nutritionists, radiologists, occupational/physical/speech therapists)

Ambulatory Services:

13 Surgical Centers
33 Imaging Centers
27 Urgent Care Centers
22 Dialysis Centers
9 Breast Care Centers
18 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers

Will there be new additions to the network in 2021?

We are always working to improve and grow the network with new locations and enhanced services. In recent months we have added 17 physical therapy and rehabilitation centers to the network, made great advances in telehealth options and opened new health, breast and urgent care centers. In the year ahead, we anticipate continuing to add new medical offices and breast centers as well as undertake renovations on existing facilities. Additionally, the highly anticipated Children’s Village is set to open on the Millers Children’s and Women’s Hospital campus, bringing a one-stop-shop approach to care for thousands of children in need of specialized follow-up care.

For a complete list of what's ahead, visit what's new for 2021.

What changes have been made since the pandemic?

Keeping you safe and healthy is always a major goal for any healthcare network, but with COVID-19 the stakes are higher, requiring new ways of providing care that ensure the safety of all parties. To learn more about new procedures and measures the different partners of MemorialCare Health Alliance have implemented, please review the following webpages.

Learn about telehealth/video visit options
Learn about new safety measures

Who will provide prescription drug coverage, and mental health and substance use disorder treatment in the Preferred Partnership?

The following administrators will provide networks and customer service.  Click here to find additional providers and resources for:

  • Prescription drug coverage: Prime Therapeutics
  • Vision Coverage: Davis Vision
  • Mental health/substance use disorders: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL)*
  • Employee Assistance Program: Beacon Health Options

*Additionally, you now have access to SilverCloud, a digital training program that promotes mental wellness. Click HERE to learn more about SilverCloud or to register.

Which providers will the Preferred Partnership network use for lab services?

MemorialCare Health Alliance will use Quest Diagnostics exclusively for outpatient lab services.

Are there some services or provider types that the MemorialCare Health Alliance does not have in its network, or only has a limited number of providers?

Yes. For the services and provider categories shown below, the MemorialCare Health Alliance will supplement its network with providers that are part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO network.

Facilities and Services

  • Durable medical equipment
  • Home health
  • Hospice
  • Pathology
  • Skilled nursing facility
  • Skilled rehabilitation facility


  • Maxillofacial (oral) surgeons

To get network benefits for the types of services shown immediately above, you can use:

  • Providers who are affiliated with the MemorialCare Health Alliance network—and you'll find those here, or
  • Additional in-network providers who are in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield network but are not affiliated with MCHA. You can find them here, or if you need additional assistance, please contact BCBSIL directly at 1-888-802-8776.

Will I have access to walk-in and/or urgent care clinics?

For those times when you need to see a doctor right away, MemorialCare Health Alliance offers several walk-in locations that are open late and on weekends. Many of these locations allow you to schedule an appointment in advance. Additionally, we also offer virtual urgent care visits via video.

Click here to find an urgent care center location.
Click here to find out about advanced scheduling and virtual visits.

How will MemorialCare Health Alliance “better coordinate” my healthcare?

MemorialCare Health Alliance uses the medical home model, where a patient’s healthcare is managed by a team of professionals working in close coordination. By employing evidence-based preventive measures, care teams identify and treat underlying health problems before they become chronic conditions. And with integrated data and information-sharing, each member of the team also has greater access to the most current clinical information for their patients. This model of care is especially important for patients with chronic conditions–such as heart disease or diabetes–that often require multiple specialists. Additionally, this model enables efficient scheduling and communication with patients.

Is Childrens Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) in the MemorialCare Health Alliance network?

No. In most cases, if you receive non-emergency care at CHOC, that would be considered out of network. However, pediatric specialists who are part of the CHOC Children’s Specialists group are in the MemorialCare Health Alliance network. If you use one of these specialists, and a proposed procedure needs to be performed at CHOC, the pediatric specialist will need to request approval from the Medical Director at MCHA in advance of the care.

About Membership

How will the care I receive through Boeing’s Preferred Partnership option with MemorialCare Health Alliance differ from what I’ve received in the past?

You will still receive great healthcare, but will now have more personalized support and greater access to care. Some of the benefits include:

  • 24/7 access to registered nurses who can answer questions by phone and help guide you to the appropriate level of care.
  • Concierge phone service to guide you to the health resources you need.
  • Enhanced access for urgent primary care provider (PCP) visits and for urgent appointments with specialists.
  • Easy online access for reviewing test results and emailing your care team through patient portals available by most providers.
  • Electronic health records that allow for a more streamlined and better-coordinated care experience.
  • Proactive provider support for preventive care and chronic disease management.

What services does the MemorialCare Health Alliance Concierge Call Center offer?

The staff at our Concierge Call Center is available to answer your questions and make your experience with MemorialCare Health Alliance as smooth, easy and positive as possible. You can reach them at (844) 441-8852 for help with issues such as:

  • Knowledge of network providers for different types of services
  • Finding a primary care physician
  • Assistance in getting portal access through this site
  • Confirming if a provider or location is in the network
  • Help with making appointments
Finding a Provider

I don’t currently have a relationship with a Primary Care Provider. How can I best select one?

Visit our Find a Provider page or call our Concierge Call Center at (844) 441-8852 to learn more about the providers who are conveniently located near you.

How can I find out if my doctor participates in the Preferred Partnership option through the MemorialCare Health Alliance?

Visit our “Find a Provider” page or call our Concierge Call Center at (844) 441-8852 to see if your provider is in the MemorialCare Health Alliance.

For some of our network partners–for example, Monarch–only a portion of the group will be participating in the MemorialCare Health Alliance. To verify participation of any provider, please check our online directory or call us at (844)-441-8852.  

I use a provider whose offices are located at one of the MemorialCare Health Alliance facilities, but I can't find that provider listed on this website. Why?

Some providers are not part of the Preferred Partnership agreement, even though their offices are located at a MemorialCare facility, or one of MemorialCare’s partner facilities. To be sure the provider you use is part of the Preferred Partnership network, check here, or contact the Concierge Call Center at (844)-441-8852. 

If I choose a Preferred Partnership option for medical coverage and I go to a provider who’s not in the MemorialCare Health Alliance, how much will I pay?

The amount you’ll pay depends on your situation:

If you require emergency care, you’ll pay the in-network cost of the service, whether you’re in the Orange County, south Los Angeles County and San Gabriel Valley area or outside the area.

If it’s not for an emergency, you’ll generally pay 40 percent of the cost of the service after you meet the annual deductible in the Traditional Medical Plan and Advantage+ health plan.

In any other situation where a particular service is not available from any network provider, see the information in the next FAQ.

My doctor in the MemorialCare Health Alliance currently refers me to a doctor or facility outside of the network. If I select the Preferred Partnership option, will that be an in-network or non-network expense?

In general, services from providers outside of the MemorialCare Health Alliance network are considered a non-network expense. However, in limited situations, where the service may not be available within the MemorialCare Health Alliance network, there is a process for the Preferred Partner provider to determine if non-network services are required and then request that such services be delivered by a non-Preferred Partner provider covered at the in-network benefit level. In this case, your MemorialCare Health Alliance provider would coordinate the referral process with your Preferred Partnership administrator to ensure proper approval is in place for receiving such non-network services at the network benefit level. We expect these situations to be infrequent given the broad networks and services available in the MemorialCare Health Alliance.

I was told that one of the doctors I would like to see isn’t accepting new patients. What can I do?

Call our Concierge Call Center at (844) 441-8852 if you have any questions about physicians accepting new patients. As patient advocates, the staff can also call the physician’s office directly to inquire.

24/7 Telephone Nurse Line

What is the Telephone Nurse Line?

Our Telephone Nurse Line is staffed 24/7 and provides an opportunity for you and your covered dependents to call and speak with a qualified nurse about any medical concerns that you may have. Our nurses can advise you on your health no matter where you are or what time it is.

Our nurses will answer your medical questions such as: Do I have a cold or something more serious? How can I treat a minor cut or burn at home? Should I take my sick child to the doctor? Should I go to the emergency room or an urgent care center?

Our nurses are also available to answer questions about your chronic conditions.

You can reach the Telephone Nurse Line to speak with a nurse any time of day by calling (844) 441-8852 and choosing option 1.

Appointments & Medical Records

How do I use the portal?

If your provider is connected to a patient portal, you will be able to create an account. Once registered, you can log in anytime, anywhere via the internet or an app to access your health records or connect with your providers outside the office. Portal features may include reviewing test or lab results, messaging your doctor, and scheduling or canceling in-person or virtual visit appointments.

How do I sign up to use the Medical Records section of the website? For example, myChart?

First, check to see if your provider is connected to a patient portal:

  • Use the “find a provider” search tool to access your provider's online profile page.
  • Look for the callout box that states if they use an electronic medical record (EMR) such as myChart of NextMD.

If they are connected, create your account:

  • From your provider’s profile page, click on the EMR callout box and follow the directions.
  • You can also select "Appointments & Medical Records" from the top menu to find links and detailed information on creating portal accounts.

Please note, depending on your provider’s portal type, you may need to visit your physician’s office in-person for an access code or token.

Are there other ways to sign up for access to my electronic medical records?

Each MCHA partner’s portal sign up instructions are unique, with some requiring access codes and others allowing for self-sign up. For specific information, visit "Appointments & Medical Records" and select your medical group’s tab.

Additionally, you may always ask the staff at your provider’s office for help during your next visit. They may either be able to help you create an account while you are there or print out instructions on how to sign-up at home.

Who do I contact if I’m locked out of my account or need help?

When it comes to accessing your medical records, each provider has information about recovering a forgotten ID or resetting a password on their individual websites. Additionally, while in our website, select Appointments & Medical Records and it will take you to the login for your provider’s patient portal. There you will find a provider-specific phone and email support contact.

Or, if you prefer, you may call our Concierge Call Center at (844) 441-8852.

I forgot my user name and/or password for my account.

Follow the directions on your provider’s login page and if these don’t work for you each provider has information on appropriate next steps and who to contact on their log-in page. You do not need to be logged in to access the support contact information.

How can I make, cancel or reschedule an appointment with my doctor?

In most instances, you can make, cancel or reschedule an appointment online using your patient portal. If you encounter any problems, please call our Concierge Call Center at (844) 441-8852 and we will gladly help you make, cancel or reschedule an appointment or call your provider’s office directly to help. 

How can I refill a prescription online?

You may be able to request a prescription refill from your physician through your patient portal. You may also refill your prescription directly with Boeing’s pharmacy benefits manager Prime Therapeutics by visiting their website at www.myprime.com/boeing