About Me

Hao Thai, MD, completed his medical education at UCLA Medical School and family medicine residency at Kaiser Permanente. He was inspired to pursue a career in medicine from a young age due to his own experiences as a sickly child. Witnessing the compassionate care provided by his childhood doctor not only alleviated his ailments but also eased his mother's worries, inspiring him to do the same for his patients.

Dr. Thai finds immense satisfaction in comforting his patients, whether through medical treatment or emotional support, and takes pride in promoting their well-being through preventative practices. Dr. Thai is committed to providing compassionate and holistic care for his patients, prioritizing their health and well-being above all else.

Originally from San Bernardino, Dr. Thai is fluent in both Vietnamese and English. Outside of medicine, he enjoys playing various sports such as golf, tennis, and surfing.



Provider Specialty

Family Medicine, Primary Care

Locations & Affiliations


TCT Care Inc.

9009 McFadden Ave

Westminster, CA

Office: (714) 902-1321

Insurances Accepted

Aetna Commercial HMO (GNP)
Anthem Commercial HMO (GNP)
Anthem Pathway HMO (GNP)
Anthem Vivity HMO (GNP)
BlueShield Commercial HMO (GNP)
Cigna Commercial HMO (GNP)
Cigna Value/Select HMO (GNP)
Health Net Commercial HMO (GNP)
UHC Commercial HMO (GNP)
UHC Harmony Commercial HMO (GNP)
Aetna Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
BlueShield Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
Humana Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
SCAN Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
UHC AARP Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)
Boeing MemorialCare Health Alliance ACO (GNP)
Centivo ACO (GNP)
Aetna Whole Health ACO (GNP)
Alignment Medicare Advantage HMO (GNP)