Feeling Anxious, Depressed or Stressed?

You now have access to SilverCloud, a digital training program that helps you reduce symptoms of low mood or depression.

► Access help anywhere

Access SilverCloud's personalized digital tools anytime on your computer, tablet or cell phone.

► Use in confidence and get proven tools to help

The SilverCloud platform is completely secure and your privacy is ensured. This tool is proven to help you overcome depression, anxiety and stress.

► Easy and engaging programs

Choose from six programs. Each program consists of six to nine engaging and motivational modules that you can complete at your own pace with the support of a coach.

About SilverCloud

Your mental health plays an important role in your overall physical health and well-being.

SilverCloud is an online therapeutic solution that supports and promotes positive behavior change and mental wellness. Using a blend of online programs - complete with interactive tools and tactics - alongside the help of a human coach, this digital platform can be personalised to your needs. SilverCloud has been recognized as an innovator in the healthcare space and its 15-plus years of academic and clinical research have demonstrated that its programs are effective and offer high improvement rates for stress, anxiety and depression.

Who should use it?
• The SilverCloud program is most effective for people with mild to moderate issues
• For those with a more serious mental issue, this program can work as an adjunct to traditional therapy
• The program was developed for individuals 18 and above

When should I use it?
• Whenever you need it
• Recommended use is 40 minutes per week, over 6-8 weeks
• Set a regular time to use it, 3-4 times per week

The SilverCloud Coach

Digital Coaches

The SilverCloud platform blends online programs with a human coach. Interacting with patients digitally, your coach provides important support, guidance and feedback.

What is the role of the coach?
• Help you to set goals for using your program
• Help you to apply your learnings from SilverCloud to your daily life
• Deepen your understanding of the program’s content
• Identify progress and celebrate your success

What should I expect from my coach?
• To review your program usage weekly (unless you choose to keep your usage private)
• Send you weekly messages in the SilverCloud platform on a scheduled day
• Add personalized and interactive elements to your SilverCloud experience

Do all programs offer coaching?
• No, the Insomnia & Sleep Issues program is uncoached

Choose From Six Programs

SilverCloud offers the following six programs. 

Each program offers a set of interactive tools that are available 24/7 via the app or website. Weekly modules provide assessments, exercises and strategies that you can work through at your own pace.  

1) Space from Anxiety
This program can help you to manage anxiety, challenge anxious thoughts and feel better.
• Increase awareness of your moods and anxious thoughts
• Reduce avoidance and learn to face your anxieties

2) Space from Depression
This program is an effective treatment for people experiencing low mood and depression.
• Understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
• Increase positive behaviors that improve your mood

3) Space from Anxiety & Depression
This program will help you to understand the basics of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and depression/anxiety.
• Understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings and behaviors
• Tune in to your thoughts to catch thinking errors

4) Space from Stress (please note, this program is uncoached)
This program will help enhance existing stress-busting strengths and skills, and build new ones.
• Learn to manage stress, build resilience and improve self-esteem
• Learn to set SMART goals for your life

5) Space for Resilience (please note, this program is uncoached)
This program helps you achieve a sense of well-being and satisfaction, in all areas of your life.
• Enjoy physical, social, mental and emotional health
• Increase your ability to overcome difficult experiences

6) Space from Insomnia & Sleep Issues (please note, this program is uncoached)
This program will help you understand the causes of sleep difficulties and how to overcome them.
• Learn to manage thoughts and worries that might keep you awake
• Cultivate healthy sleep habits, associations and routines

Registration is Easy

Follow these four simple steps to get started.

1) For self-signup, visit memorialcare.silvercloudhealth.com/SignUp.

  • Select "Other" as your medical group provider

2) Setting up your account:

  • Create a secure username and password
  • Read our support agreement
  • Complete the questionnaires

3) Getting started:

  • In the app or in the browser, watch the "Introduction to SilverCloud" video and get started with your program.

4) Download the app:

  • Download the app in your mobile app store. Search "SilverCloud toolkit" in the App Store and "SilverCloud" in Google Play.

If you have any questions or issues while registering, please call the MCHA Concierge Call Center at 844-441-8852 for help.